Frequently Asked Questions. Looking for something? Start here.
Who can launch a Live video shopping on DailyLive ?
Everyone can create a DailyLive account and follow step registration.
What are the conditions to use DailyLive ?
Once your account will be activated you can start your first Live video Shopping !

We allow ourselves the right to refuse any application whatsoever without any reason, we also reject for ethical reasons all activities listed below:

• Pornography, Sex, Dating, tobacco and tobacco products
• Alcohol, Drug, Medecine
• Clairvoyance, Magic, Astrology
• Gambling, Casino, Money game
• Weapons and Explosives, politics, piracy, sale of "penny stocks", forex, cryptocurrency and stock market tips, payday loans, debt collection
• Entrepreneurship or home-based job offers, prospect sales, affiliate marketing and real estate promotions.
What difference between a livestreams social networks and RTM livestreaming ?
When you launch a Livestream from your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitch etc.) you will be connected automaticly to your Live video shopping and generates sales instantly !
The RTM Livestream allows you to make session Live video WITHOUT going through social media, is great if you want to livestream in private room or face to face for example.

How do your PLATINIUM plan works ?
You'll love our Brand program to reference your catalog on DailyLive.
Example : Adidas upload its catalog of 100 products into our Brand marketplace. The influencer selects some products of Adidas to promote them during his Live Video Shopping and generate sales. DailyLive collects all payments from each transaction and pays out the net sales and all fees and retribute a commission to the influencer. Let's influencer talk about your products!
What are the payment method used during the Live ?
For now we adopt only one payment by credit card provide by Stripe. But if you subscribe to our Gold offer you can add your own payment method (check, bank transfer, credit card and Paypal).
What is the difference between SILVER and GOLD plan ?
The GOLD plan is for mature Seller with more than > 1 000 followers on Facebook or Instagram that want to generate automatic invoices throw Messenger with our A.I. Chatbot ShoppableLive™ technology to convert comment to sales. The SILVER plan is the Live Video Shopping to animate sales by video, products are veiw below the video player (Mobile& PC)
Do you offer free trial ?
When you subscribe to the SILVER offer, you get the 1st month free to try the platform without engagement. If you enter a COUPON you get 2 month free !
How many Live streaming can I launch monthly ?
You can launch Live video shopping session without limit. You will never be limited in any our plans ;)
What are the technicals requirement to launch a Live video shopping ?
DailyLive works on major internet browsers. However, we recommend that you use the browsers CHROME and SAFARI and always have your devices update. Launch your Livestream from your smartphone with a good wireless connection. However, we recommend that you beeing assisted with a second person to check that everything works fine on backend and moderate the chat if necessary.
How to launch a Live ?
Once you have sign-up and your DailyLive account verified, you will be contacted by our expert by phone to help launch from A to Z your first Live video shopping to be sure you'll get a sucessful experience. Don’t worry, you are not alone !
Is my data secure ?
The confidentiality of your data is important to us. All connections, even video, are encrypted. In addition, we have detailed our privacy policy to cover all cases: optin, use, transfer and storage.
How can I standby my DailyLive account ?
All our offer are monthly paid and without engagment. You can unsubscribe at any time, unsubscription will take effect at the end of the billing cycle. Upon reactivation, all your data will be restored.
How can I contact your customer service ?
To reach us, you can send us an email at hello [at] dailylive.co. You can also contact us via our live chat, we answer in a few minutes :) The opening hours of the customer service are from 10:00am to 8:30pm (Dublin), from Monday to Saturday.